Kalocsai patterned mug with the inscription Budapest

Kalocsai patterned mug with the inscription Budapest

3.50 GBP

Item code: HUFV01048
Unit: 1

A mug with Kalocsa designs, and with inscription Budapest,  good gift from Hungary. Nice for our Hungarian friends or colleagues living in England, or for those who would like to give something Hungarian, to those who like to have coffee or tea.



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A nice ceramic gift for friends, or colleagues, loved ones, this mug from Budapest, a nice gift and utility item, if you want to give a Hungarian present.

Product description:
Hungarian gift, Kalocsa pattern mug with Budapest inscription.
Normal size V-mug on white background with Kalocsa motifs and Budapest inscription.
Size: 300ml 
Material: ceramic

We do not recommend cleaning in the dishwasher