Flamed sausage Gyulai 2pcs  Flamed sausage Gyulai 2pcs

Flamed sausage Gyulai 2pcs

4.99 GBP

Item code: HAF0104
Manufacturer: Gyulahús KFT
Unit: pair

One of the delicious Hungarian sausages that, most people buy because of its great taste, good price....

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Hungarian sausage, flamed, excellent for baking, cooking, to sandwiches.

Ingredients: Pork Production bacon Eating salt Spice paprika powder Antioxidants (E300, E330) Sugar Preservative (E250)

Storage and transport temperature: +10 to + 20 ° C.

Preserves its quality in an unopened unit (day, snow, year): see packaging.

Store in a cool, cool place! Minimum temp. ° C: 10 Max. Temp. ° C: 20

100 g of the finished product is made using 162 g of pork.

100 g of product: Energia1982 kJ / 479 kcal

Fat43,00 g of saturated fatty acids18,00 g

Carbohydrate1,00 g of sugar0,60 g

Protein 22,00 g

Salt3.60 g

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