Curry bow with zucchini


500 g eight-eggs Bow,
0,5 dl of olive oil,
50 g of butter,
250 g of zucchini,
150 g of colour paprika,
3 spring onions,
zest of 1 lemons,
1 dl of cream,
1,5 bunches of parsley,
ground pepper,
some chilli paprika if preferred,
grated cheese for serving


Shred the zest of the lemon (only the yellow part), cook for 2-3 seconds in hot water then rinse. Repeat the last step and set aside.
Wash and chop the vegetables. Quick-fry the zucchini in oil, then add the paprika shreds and the coarsely chopped onion. Add some salt and pepper and brown it for a short while. Add the coarsely-chopped parsley, the seeded and chopped chilli, the zest and the curry. Combine. Add the cream and some of the cooking liquid of the pasta. Boil the mix. Add the thoroughly cooked and drained but non-rinsed pasta. 
Loosely mix and serve. Add some grated cheese on top.

Thank you for the recipe for the Gyermelyi pasta

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