Ewe-cheese pasta with sour cream and fried onion


500 g four-eggs Large squares,
400 g of ewe-cheese,
2 dl of sour cream,
150 g of rich bacon,
1 onion,
1 bunch of chive,


Chop the bacon in small cubes, fry and drain. Fry the cleaned and finely chopped onion to golden in the fat, then remove from cooker and add the coarsely chopped chive.
Mix the cooked and drained pasta with salt, the hand-granulated cottage-cheese, fried bacon and 5 dl of sour cream.  Transfer to heat-resistant bowl and bake in oven until golden. When serving, top with the rest of the sour cream and the fried onion.

Thank you for the recipe for the Gyermelyi pasta

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