Fruit and almond pasta


250 g eight-eggs Sticklets,
400 g ricotta, 
5 fresh eggs, 
1 vanilla sugar, 
80 g white sugar, 
1 lemon, 
20 ml sour cream, 
60 g smashed roasted almonds, 
40 g raisins, 
80 g shrunken apricots, 
2 bananas, 
Some butter or oil to cook
To the garnish:
200 g strawberries, 
2 spoon honey, 
1 spoon lemonsauce, 


Put the raisins in a soak for 1-2 hours then distill. Drop the pasta in hot boiling water and cook until it becomes al dente. Drain, rinse and let it cool. Divide the eggs and cream the yolk with the sugar, vanilla sugar, then add the peel and the juice of the lemon. Mix it with the mashed ricotta, the cooled pasta and sour cream. Add the smashed bananas, the cutted apricots, raisins and the half of the almonds. Make some soft cream of the eggwhites and twist it up carefully with the pasta then let it rest for 20 minutes. Cut the cleaned strawberries into small pieces, mix it with the honey, lemongrass and lemon juice and put it also on the side. Form little discs from the pasta and fry them in a pan using butter or oil. Drain the fried discs then put them on a plate, scatter with some icing sugar, the rest of the almonds and scoop the strawberries on the side. 

Thank you for the recipe for the Gyermelyi pasta

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