Meat casserole with short noodles


250 g Ruffled cube noodles,

400 g of ground meat,
0,5 dl of oil,
50 g of onion,
ground pepper,
ground oregano,
200 g of tomatoes,
100 g of butter,
50 g of flour,
2 dl of milk,
75 g of grated cheese and butter to grease the pot.
Gravy: 250 g of tomatoes,
0,5 dl of olive oil,
1 pieces of rosemary,
1 dl of tomatoes sauce


Drop the tomatoes in boiling water for 8-10 seconds then remove and cool in cold water. This way you can easily peel them. When peeled, cut in half, remove the seeds and chop into small cubes.
Quick-fry the finely chopped onion, add the meat and fry until white. Add salt and pepper and sprinkle with oregano. Add some water, cover and simmer. If needed, add some water. When the meat is tender, add the tomato pieces and simmer it all for 4-5 minutes then remove from cooker. 
Prepare a thick gravy from butter, flour and hot milk. Add some salt and pepper.
Place one-third of the cooked and drained pasta in a pan coated with butter, then add some gravy and one half of the meat on top. Next add another layer of pasta, gravy and meat, then pasta and gravy as a cover. Sprinkle with grated cheese and bake in oven.
Quick-fry the coarsely chopped rosemary for the gravy in oil, add the tomato sauce, salt and pepper. Boil then add tomato cubes. 
Boil and serve next to the baked and sliced casserole.

Thank you for the recipe for the Gyermelyi pasta

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