Cabbage pasta with baked drumsticks


250 g four-eggs Large squares,
0,7-1 kg of chicken drumsticks (10 pieces of the top part),
2 onions,
ground pepper,
0,5 dl of oil,
20 dkg of cabbage,
0,5 dl of oil,
1,5 dkg of sugar,
ground pepper


Clean and wash the vegetables.
Clean, wash and dry the drumsticks.
Grade the cabbage, add salt and let stand for 20-30 minutes.
Season the drumsticks, chop the onions in squares and sprinkle in a pan. Add the drumsticks, sprinkle with oil, add some water and bake in the oven.
Caramelize the sugar in oil then add the squeezed cabbage. Mix, add a bit of water, salt, pepper, then cover and simmer. When finished, mix with the cooked pasta, add spices if necessary, and fry in a skillet. 
When serving, put the cabbage pasta on the plate, the baked drumsticks next to it and the onion gravy around.

Thank you for the recipe for the Gyermelyi pasta

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