Bean soup with match noodles


80g eight-eggs Sticklets,
150 g kidney beans,
1 onion,
2 slices of garlic,
50 g race,
50 g carrot,
50 g celery,
0.2 dl oil,
30 dkg boneless smoked knuckle of ham (“csülök”),
1 bay-leave,
0,5 teaspoon caraway seeds,
5 g red pepper,
hot pepper as needed,
1 dl sour cream,
Soak the beans the night before.


Wash the ham and cook with the bay-leaves. When it is at least semi-tender, add the washed beans.  
Quick-fry the finely-chopped onion, add the caraway seeds, the mashed garlic; mix well and pour to the beans being cooked. When the beans are semi-tender, add the cleaned vegetables chopped into squares. 
When you remove the soft ham, wait to cool down, then chop into smaller pieces and set aside.
Add to the water on top of the beans, add some salt and some hot pepper as needed, then sprinkle the red pepper on top. 
When the beans are tender, add the noodles and cook until ready. Add the chopped ham into the ready soup. 
When serving, add some sour-cream on top. The noodles may be cooked in salty water separately and add when serving.

Thank you for the recipe for the Gyermelyi pasta

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